Becoming a Successful Scientist

Science constitutes an important part of society, for it bridges the gap between the unknown with known discoveries that exist in the entire human knowledge base, allowing us to uncover nature's unspoken secrets. Therefore, when one becomes a successful scientist, it can truly be beneficial to all. Before we go any further, though, let us always remember these words from Albert Einstein:

Never forget that the fruits of our work are not final in themselves. Production is meant to make our lives easier, to give our lives a touch of beauty and refinement, but we should not allow ourselves to be degraded into mere slaves of production.
(From the autograph catalogue of Kenneth W. Rendell Gallery #236, 1993, p. 12)

So rare it is for scientists to discuss with other scientists about the history of science or how exactly to do science. Yet for the young scientist, that is exactly what is needed to guide him or her. This page is devoted to providing fledgling scientists with valuable information and links of interest as they chart their way through the hazy world of science. In your pursuit for the truth and your willingness to weather through failures, we wish you a journey filled with fair skies. GOOD LUCK!!

Scientific Tips     A short collection of scientific reminders


   I. How Do You Succeed as a Future Scientist?

 II.  For Science Graduate Students & Other Scientific Trainees in Research

III.  General Scientific Career Information

IV.  Grant Proposals

 V.  Interesting Scientific Stories & Profiles


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